South Bay Cities Council of Governments Begins Work on First-of-Kind Subregional Lane Network for Slow-Speed, Zero-Emission Vehicles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Media Contact: Colleen Farrell | SBCCOG | 424-271-4681 | [email protected]  SOUTH BAY CITIES COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS BEGINS WORK ON  FIRST-OF-KIND SUBREGIONAL LANE NETWORK FOR SLOW-SPEED,  ZERO-EMISSION VEHICLES   Network Will Provide a Work-Around for Skyrocketing Fuel Prices, Establish Equitable Transition to Zero-Emission Vehicles, and Create a “Clean, Fun” Way to [...]

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7 Reasons Water Bottle Filling Stations Make Good Sense for Health and the Environment

West Basin Municipal Water District has installed more than 80 water bottle filling stations in or on the premises of public facilities throughout its service area through grant programs. In doing so, an estimated 110,000 plastic water bottles annually have been removed from the local waste stream.

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Perspective – Droning On – Drones Positively Impact Lives

By D. Damon Willens Ten years ago, if someone had mentioned the word “drones,” one would have thought about far-away wars and unmanned aircraft firing missiles at unsuspecting targets. Yet only a few years later, drones have become a part of everyday life for millions of people. Hobbyists, commercial users [...]

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SBCCOG Partners with SoCalREN to Reward Students for Energy Efficiency

Students took home kits that included LED light bulbs, efficient-flow showerheads and faucet aerators. Third and fourth-grade classrooms from Towne Avenue Elementary School in Carson received two separate grants, totaling $2,000 for their participation in a program to help their families become more energy-efficient at home. Through the [...]

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Tunnel Vision: Rachel “Bores” the Clearwater Project to Preserve Local Waterways

A worker walks through a completed portion of the tunnel. A modern tunnel boring machine (TBM) named Rachel has been quietly building an 18-foot diameter, 7-milelong tunnel from Carson to San Pedro. This tunnel will convey cleaned water from the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts’ largest wastewater treatment [...]

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A Safer South Bay – Alert SouthBay Messaging System Streamlines Emergency Notifications for Subregion

On February 18, 2015, two workers suffered minor injuries and debris was dispersed into the surrounding community following an explosion in the gasoline processing unit at the ExxonMobil Refinery in Torrance. The incident brought to light the need to change the way communication is coordinated during community disasters. “There were [...]

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SBCCOG General Assembly – Speakers Call “Intentionality” Key to Community of Innovation

Every city needs a vice president of innovation who shepherds partnerships with other businesses and public sector agencies, according to Skyler Logsdon. Logsdon is co-founder and CEO of Boomerang, a technology platform that connects people with their lost items. He says such a liaison could help him cultivate partnerships with [...]

2022-05-23T14:22:01-07:00May 19, 2022|

“Right-Sizing Your Ride” – Micromobility Lane Networks Are Appropriate Local Step Toward Global Environmental Change

By Drew Boyles, Mayor of El Segundo and SBCCOG Board of Director Chair December 13, 2021, in his Los Angeles Times op-ed “L.A. can no longer afford to push bikes and buses aside,” Michael Schneider accurately describes the challenges Los Angeles and other cities have faced in fully embracing electric [...]

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