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Services For Our Unhoused Neighbors:

The South Bay community is at the forefront of innovative services for people experiencing homelessness. The Redondo Beach Homeless Court serves as a model for other regions looking to provide restorative justice. Pallet Shelters, Tiny Villages and other interim housing solutions provide respite for people on their journey off the streets and into permanent housing. The South Bay has housing solutions for families, domestic violence survivors, seniors and veterans. Additionally, there is a strong network of churches and non-profit service providers eager to lend a hand (Harbor Interfaith Services, St. Margaret’s Center, PATH and many more). We hope the links to the right can offer resources for those in need of help. 

The Homelessness team at the South Bay Cities Council of Governments seeks to provide information and resources for our cities. We also work with state and county programs (Measure H, the Los Angeles County Plan to Prevent and Combat Homelessness) that benefit our cities. The team is constantly seeking and creating innovative solutions to fight homelessness in the South Bay. Most recently, we launched Home Share South Bay. Home Share South Bay leverages the power of the internet to connect homeowners with the right people looking for an affordable room. With its special matching system, Home Share can help homeowners seeking extra income or help around the house to find a compatible housemate. Please use the link on the right to find more information.