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South Bay Watch Newsletter

South Bay Watch is a quarterly newsletter to inform local leaders and the community of the progress of subregional programs, innovative city projects and to alert them to emerging issues.

South Bay Environmental Services Center Newsletters

The SBESC Newsletter is a monthly e-publication that highlights how our partner agencies are working to help South Bay local governments, businesses and residents to save water, energy, money and the environment through the South Bay Environmental Services Center (SBESC).

South Bay Green Business Assist Program Newsletter

A monthly e-newsletter spotlighting our Green Business Assist Program (GBAP)—a free program to help South Bay businesses save money through green practices, while improving quality of life and making our community more attractive to work, live and play.

CONNECT Newsletters

CONNECT is a bi-annual newsletter to inform local leaders and partners about the progress of the South Bay Fiber Network (SBFN), opportunities it’s creating for the subregion through smart city applications, as well as updates on progress toward broadband for all.