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View a PDF version of South Bay Cities Council of Governments’ Organizational Chart.


Cedric Hicks
Councilmember, City of Carson

Rodney Tanaka
SBCCOG 1st Vice Chair
Councilmember, City of Gardena

Bernadette Suarez
SBCCOG 2nd Vice Chair
Councilmember, City of Lawndale

John Cruikshank
SBCCOG Immediate Past Chair
Mayor Pro Tem, City of Rancho Palos Verdes

Matthew Robinson
SBCCOG Treasurer
City Treasurer, City of El Segundo

Senior Staff

Jacki Bacharach
Executive Director
(310) 371-7222, ext. 219

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Kim Fuentes
Deputy Executive Director
(310) 371-7222, ext. 203

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Michael Jenkins
Legal Counsel

Wally Siembab
Research Director
(310) 645-1129

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Aaron Baum
Sr. Project Manager, Transportation
(310) 271-4688

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Addy Ajijolaiya
Project Coordinator, Homeless Services
(310) 271-4695

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Andreya Mulligan
Administrative Assistant
(424) 271-4680

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Anne Tsai
Civic Sparks Fellow, Transportation
(310) 371-7222

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Cathy Hetzer
Project Assistant, Homeless Services
(310) 371-7222

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Colleen Farrell
Senior Project Manager, Communications
(424) 271-4681

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Dakota Townson
Project Coordinator, Outreach
(424) 271-4694

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David Hines
CivicSpark Fellow, Climate Adaption Planning
(310) 371-7222

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David Leger
Senior Project Manager, Transportation
(424) 271-4682

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Eleanor Murphy
CivicSpark Fellow, Energy Efficiency
(424) 271-4687

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Jake Romoff
Project Coordinator, Land Use & Transportation
(424) 271-4692

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Katty Segovia
Project Coordinator, Outreach
(424) 271-4684

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Keenan Leary
Housing Project Coordinator, Homeless Services
(424) 271-4690

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Lara Gerges
Administrative Officer
(424) 271-4691

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Martha Segovia
Sr. Project Manager, Outreach
(424) 271-4689

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Natalie Champion
Administrative Assistant
(424) 271-4629

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Ronson Chu
Senior Project Manager, Homeless Services
(424) 271-4686

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Rosemary Lackow
Administrative Assistant
(310) 371-7222

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Shawn Fujioka
Project Coordinator, Energy Efficiency
(310) 371-7222

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Talia Perluss
Project Coordinator, Energy Efficiency
(310) 371-7222

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