Perspective – Los Angeles is Leading the Effort to Advance Digital Equity

More than 325,000 (9.7%) of households in LA County do not have an internet subscription, and more than 156,000 (4.6%) of households do not have a computer. LA County is leading regional efforts to ensure that all communities and individuals in the region have the technology access, capacity, skills and support to fully participate in society, democracy and the 21st-century economy.

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SBESC News – West Basin’s Water Recycling Plant Expansion in Carson Moves SoCal Closer to Water Self-Sufficiency

The LA County Sanitation Districts' Floating Lab Field Trip provide an opportunity to learn what's in our ocean water.

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City Showcase – Aging in the South Bay – Downshifting is Not an Option for Gardena Seniors

The City of Gardena offers more than 100 events and activities for seniors each year. Its robust senior programs will soon have a new home. Gardena received $8.5 million to build the Gardena Community Aquatic and Senior Center at 1654 W. 160th Street.

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The 24th General Assembly – AI and the Future of Local Government

The impact that artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to have on future local government hiring can be understood by examining the eventual outcome of the 1983 invention of Microsoft Word, according to Micah Gaudet, deputy city manager and chief public safety officer for Maricopa, Arizona.

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City Showcase – Making Lemonade – Young Entrepreneurs in Lomita Get a Taste of Business Ownership

The City of Lomita and the Lomita Chamber of Commerce have partnered to host a free, experiential learning program that teaches youth how to start, own and operate their own business: a lemonade stand.

2024-05-15T14:46:47-07:00March 4, 2024|

Perspective – A Concerted Plan is Essential for Reducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Risk

Perspective: cities need a concerted plan to prevent AI harm, according to General Assembly speaker Philip de Souza, president of Aurora Systems Consulting, Inc. He will lead the session "Unlocking the Power of AI: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI" at the March 28 General Assembly.

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South Bay Watch Receives Honorable Mention at PR Daily’s Nonprofit Communications Awards  

The South Bay Cities Council of Governments’ (SBCCOG) quarterly print and email publication South Bay Watch received an Honorable Mention in the Print Publication category for PR Daily's 2023 Nonprofit Communications Awards program. The program honors organizations that have demonstrated excellence in nonprofit communications and highlights their impactful efforts in the industry throughout the United States.  

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