Winter 2024 Issue South Bay Watch Newsletter

The South Bay Watch winter issue explores the benefits and red flags of artificial intelligence for cities as the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) prepares to host its upcoming General Assembly titled "Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe for the South Bay;" results of a SBCCOG study reveal why accessory dwelling units may not be the sought-after solution for affordable housing; and El Segundo launches the South Bay's first zero-emission, low-speed vehicle route.

2024-03-03T15:18:58-08:00March 3, 2024|

Fall 2023 Issue South Bay Watch Newsletter

The South Bay Watch fall issue spotlights how SBCCOG volunteers are helping to advance subregional goals, recaps the 20th anniversary celebration of the SBCCOG's Environmental Services Center, and examines why it's time to rethink the state's Regional Housing Needs Assessment.

2024-03-03T15:21:37-08:00November 20, 2023|

2023 Special Issue – SBESC 20th Anniversary – South Bay Watch Newsletter

A special issue of South Bay Watch celebrating the 20th anniversary of the South Bay Environmental Services Center. Issue includes "South Bay's Journey to Green" Timeline.

2024-03-03T15:22:48-08:00September 26, 2023|

Spring 2023 South Bay Watch Newsletter

In this issue of South Bay Watch, the South Bay acts to minimize dependence on external water resources in preparation for a "parched future," the SBCCOG studies underperforming commercial areas as a possible housing solution, and local nonprofit AltaSea develops a model to unleash the power of the ocean to meet environmental challenges.

2023-06-09T16:56:47-07:00June 9, 2023|
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