The South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG), in partnership with the Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN), has launched the 2023 South Bay Energy and Climate Recognition Program to celebrate South Bay cities for their efforts in pursuing energy efficiency initiatives and sustainability-related tasks.

South Bay cities that are enrolled in SoCalREN and meet certain thresholds in promoting strategies that demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency, climate action and adaptation will receive recognition through this program.

How to Participate
Cities must complete one activity per category (below) by the third Monday of November annually to achieve points (one point awarded per activity). Documentation must be provided to receive credit. Activities will be tracked by the SBCCOG.

There are three categories of activities:

Climate action adaptation 

Education, networking and engagement

   Technical assistance 


In addition, bonus points will be awarded for Energy Savings. Cities will be recognized for their achievements at a ceremony in December 2023 hosted by the SBCCOG and the SoCalREN.

“Our cities are working hard to make real strides when it comes to making their facilities more sustainable,” said Shawn Fujioka, project coordinator, SBCCOG. “We think it’s important to call out these achievements as a way to demonstrate to other cities what real action can be taken, and also to recognize the contributions they are making toward a greener South Bay.”

Contact Shawn Fujioka at [email protected] or Sam Meza at [email protected] with questions about the program.