CALL FOR WATER-SAVING ACTION – West Basin Wants Residents to Get Super-Cali-Frugalistic with Water

The West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin), a member of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, is the water wholesale agency proudly serving the South Bay region. Working in partnership with the SBCCOG’s South Bay Environmental Service Center (SBESC), it works to ensure water reliability in both wet [...]

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New Temporary Shelter Gives the Unhoused in Torrance a Stepping Stone Toward Permanent Housing

A tiny home village has opened in Torrance to temporarily shelter people experiencing homelessness until they can be connected to a home of their own. From left: SBCCOG Administrative Officer Lara Gerges, SBCCOG Analyst Laurie Jacobs, analyst; SBCCOG Executive Director Jacki Bacharach; Los Angeles County 4th District Supervisor Janice [...]

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GREAT RESIGNATION OR GREAT RESHUFFLE? – Cities Like Torrance Look at Private Sector Strategies to Address Retention Challenges

Contributed by: City of Torrance Human Resources, Learning and Development, and Economic Development The Great Resignation describes the higher-than-usual number of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs starting in late 2020 following COVID-19 shutdowns. A Pew Research survey found the top reasons U.S. workers quit were low pay (63%), no opportunities [...]

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WISHING UPON A TREE – West Carson Turns One of Nation’s Most Contaminated Sites Into a Community Gem

In 2018, West Carson resident Cynthia Babich was conducting door-to-door outreach in her neighborhood. She was working to inform the community about upcoming meetings to solicit input on a proposed park project for a community with zero acres of park space. She knocked on a door at a home adjacent [...]

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