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The goal of the South Bay Measure R Highway Program (SBHP) is to improve the operation and safety of the South Bay freeways and highways by reducing vehicular delays and improving the safety. This 30-year program is partially funded with the Measure R sales tax approved by L. A. County voters in 2008. The SBHP is included in the Measure R Expenditure Plan that was adopted by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) when the sales tax measure was approved.

The South Bay sub-region is expected to receive approximately $906 million (in 2008 dollars or an estimated $1.5 billion escalated to year of expenditure dollars) over the 30-year life of Measure R. Measure R is expected to provide approximately half of the funding for South Bay improvements identified over the 30 year Measure R allocation period.

SBHP projects using Measure R funds must demonstrate a nexus to freeway or state highway operational improvements. Project funding allocations for the SBHP are recommended by the SBCCOG Board for approval by the Metro Board annually. The SBCCOG is partnering with Metro, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and South Bay jurisdictions to develop and deliver the SBHP projects.  The SBCCOG serves as the program administrator. The SBCCOG Infrastructure Working Group provides technical support for this program to the SBCCOG Transportation Committee and the SBCCOG Board of Directors.

SBHP projects are developed and delivered by South Bay local jurisdictions. SBCCOG provides SBHP program management and project development technical and funding assistance to the lead agencies. Once a project is defined and funding is secured, the lead agencies deliver each of the projects subject to terms within a funding agreement for each project between the lead agency and Metro. The SBCCOG provides technical assistance to lead agencies, if requested, and assists Metro to track the progress of funded projects, mitigate schedule and budget risks, and oversee the progress of the South Bay Highway Program.