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Solar Foundation Resources for Municipal Solar Readiness

As part of the SolSmart Program, the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) is working with its member cities to assist them in becoming “Solar Ready” communities. The following presentations, documents, and webinars are resources geared towards Cities looking to make the transition to solar easier for their residents:

Other Solar Readiness Resources for South Bay Cities

  • Additional Information and resources for local goverments can be found at the California “Go Solar” web site

Renewable Energy Pilot Projects in the South Bay

The SBCCOG along with its member cities is an urban laboratory to test and pilot State-funded renewable energy projects in the South Bay. The SBCCOG actively solicits grant opportunities in partnership with its member cities. An example of these efforts include the SBCCOG’s partnership with the City of Carson and ChargeBliss on the planning phase of a CEC grant for a community-scaled microgrid that would provide for energy generation through canopy solar installations over parking lots as well as city-owned rooftops with battery storage solutions for peak shaving. The resulting infrastructure would produce netzero community while providing for new Electric Vehicle Charge (EV) charging stations at public parks, city hall and other municipal sites across the city. City members and other other public agencies are encouraged to partner with the SBCCOG as new state and regional grant opportunities become available. Partnerships are reviewed and discussed as part of the of SBCCOG’s monthly Energy Efficiency and Environmental Working Group. At these meetings, information, resources and guidance is shared between cities to encourage the growth and adoption of “Green” energy in the South Bay.