Native & Drought Tolerant Plants


Locally adapted, native plants can thrive in your garden with minimal water and maintenance.  They are beautiful in any type of landscape and attract local birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.

Conserve Water


Most Californians use half their water outside.  With some planning and minor tweaks, you can turn your garden into a vibrant water-conserving landscape. 

  • Designing contours into your garden landscape will slow the flow of rainwater to allow it to percolate.
  • Check out the South Bay Rainwater Harvesting page for simple ways to collect and use rainwater to benefit your garden.
  • Group plants by water need and irrigate between sunset and sunrise for water uptake efficiency.
  • Regularly check for and fix leaks in your irrigation system and check soil moisture levels.
  • Take advantage of CalWater rebates to switch to drip and smart irrigation systems that minimize overwatering and conserve water.
  • Go to CalWater Conservation FAQs
  • Check out SoCal Water$mart for information on additional water conservation rebates in our area.

Build Healthy Soil


The key ingredient to any sustainable garden is soil.  When soil is healthy it forms a thriving ecosystem of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and insects that all play an important role in plant health.

  • A layer of mulch on the soil surface will reduce weeds, retain moisture, prevent erosion and reduce soil compaction.
  • Use compost to build healthy soil and plant roots – no need for synthetic fertilizers. Purchase compost or make your own with backyard composting
  • Check out LA Compost for more information and handy guides on how to get started.
  • Worm composting, also known as vermiculture, also produces an amazing natural liquid fertilizer for plants. 
  • Contact your City’s trash hauler for information on discounted compost and worm bin programs.
  • Los Angeles County Public Works hosts workshops that offer discounted compost and worm bins.