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Steering Committee Meeting

June 13, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Steering Committee is scheduled to meet Monday, June 13th, 2022 at 12:00 noon. The meeting is virtual only!

To address the SBCCOG Steering Committee on any agenda item or a matter within the Steering Committee’s purview, please provide written comments by 11:00 am, June 13, 2022 via email to [email protected] All written comments submitted will become part of the official record.

To receive Zoom meeting credentials in advance of the meeting, register by using the link below:

OR to access the Zoom meeting, visit https://zoom.us/join or call (669) 900-6833 and use
Meeting ID: 946 3244 4212; Passcode: 185297


This virtual meeting is held pursuant to AB 361 (Chapter 165, Statutes of 2021) issued by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 16, 2021. Committee members may participate by teleconference/virtual meeting due to state and local officials recommending measures to promote social distancing. Members of the public may participate by teleconference/virtual meeting in order to restrict the imminent risk to the health and safety of attendees.


 ACTION: Receive and file



V. CONSENT CALENDAR – action items noted, remainder are receive & file – 12:05 pm
A. Steering Committee May 9, 2022 meeting minutes attached 
 ACTION: Approve

B. Amendment to Agreement with City of Torrance for Green Business Network Services (payment for the SBCCOG) – attached 
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval

C. Contract with Magellan for Technical Support for the South Bay Fiber Network (payment from the SBCCOG Measure M) – attached
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval

D. Contract with Fehr and Peers for LTN Signage (payment from the SBCCOG Measure M) – attached
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval

E. Contract Amendment with Steve Lantz for Transportation Advisory Services (payment from the SBCCOG) – attached 
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval

F. Contract Amendment with Siembab Corporation (payment from South Bay Fiber Network) – attached
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval 

G. Contract Amendment with Jacki Bacharach and Associates for Management Services (payment from the SBCCOG) – attached 
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval

H. Contract for Website Managed Services (payment from the SBCCOG) – attached
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval 

I. City Attendance at SBCCOG Meetings – attached 

J. Media Report – attached 

K. Alert South Bay to be discussed at the meeting – 12:10 pm

L. Board Meeting Agenda Development – 12:25 PM
 June – draft attached 
 Election of Officers
 Budget
 Future meeting possible speakers:
 Stephanie Wiggins, Metro CEO
 Signal Synchronization applications with the SBFN – What’s Happening in Manhattan Beach
 Net Metering
 Mental Health services
 July – Civic Spark accomplishments – 5-10 minutes each
 August – Allcove Youth Wellness Center – BCHD
 ACTION: Provide direction

M. Draft 2022-2023 Budget – 12:30 PM
 Budget and narrative explanation attached
 ACTION: Review and recommend Board approval

N. Approval of Invoices – to be sent separately – 12:45 PM
 ACTION: Approve invoices for payment

O. Homeless Program – 12:50 PM
 Client Aid Disbursements – attached 
o Dozen reimbursement requests
 Torrance Shelter ribbon cutting – June 29 @ noon
 Next Task Force meeting July 6
 Special Event – July 14 thank you to outreach workers – Nancy Wilcox retirement from SBCEH South Bay Coalition to End Homelessness– its impact on our region (homeless count, COC, thought partner)

P. South Bay Fiber Network – 1:00 PM
 Still waiting for guidelines on the eligibility for technical assistance grants from the State to determine if SBCCOG would be competitive. Grants are up to $500,000 for planning
 Pilot started in Torrance with Tekworks Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) to provide
underserved economic areas of Torrance and Carson with competitively priced fractional
service that would be “backhauled” using the SBFN (added revenue for our business model)
 Construction of Work Order #4 continues. Two Lomita sites are anticipated to be ‘up and running’ by June 15. Work Order #5 – the Torrance Transit Center lateral began in May
 Phase 1 – Final site selection analysis and possible access agreements under way

Q. Legislative Committee report – 1:10 PM
 Status of Legislation that we are sponsoring
 Status of Housing Trust Fund

R. SCAG REAP Update – 1:20 pm
 SB 330 is completed
 Commercial redevelopment into housing started
 ADU project
 ADU Calculator is live for these cities: Hermosa, Inglewood, Torrance, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, Manhattan Beach – cities should publicize it & Black and Veatch will look at it
 Housing Education – scope being refined. Members of Advisory committee needed
 Other issues from regional planner

S. Local Travel Network – 1:15 PM
 SBACC presentation 6/7/22
 City of Redondo Beach presentation 6/14/22
 City of Lomita presentation – 7/5/22

T. Update on South Bay Environmental Services Center Activities – attached – 1:20 PM 
 Hoteling in the office
 Submitted applications for two new CivicSparks Fellow – 1) EE – implement equipment inventory (potentially working with volunteers), city recognition program and 2) CAP – complete GHG emissions inventories and quantify potential GHG reductions by implementing SBCCOG programs and initiatives
 Meeting with new General Manager of West Basin and working closely with the West Basin staff to promote water conservation
 Green Business certification activities continue in El Segundo and Hawthorne and will start in Torrance soon; El Segundo has invited Martha to speak to their Environmental Committee several times and we want cities to know that we are available to speak to their commissions and committees on the programs we are doing to support our cities

U. Update on Senior Services – 1:25 PM

V. General Assembly 2023 – 1:30 PM
 March 23, 2023 – reserved Carson Community Center
 Program ideas?

 Other updates since agenda distribution

IX. NEXT STEERING COMMITTEE/BOARD MEETING – Monday, July 11, 2022 @ 12:00 noon – hybrid



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