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Steering Committee Meeting

May 10, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Steering Committee is scheduled to meet Monday, May 10th, 2021 via Zoom. 


To address the SBCCOG Steering Committee on any agenda item or a matter within the Steering Committee’s purview, please provide written comments by 11:00am,  May 10, 2021 via email to [email protected].  All written comments submitted will become part of the official record.  Unless otherwise noted in the Agenda, the Public can only provide written comment on SBCCOG related business that is within the jurisdiction of the SBCCOG and/or items listed on the Agenda which will be addressed during the Public Comment portion of the meeting (Item #IV).    



Receive Zoom meeting credentials in advance of the meeting by using the below link:




To access the Zoom meeting, visit https://zoom.us/join or call (669) 900-9833 and use Meeting ID: 946 3244 4212; Passcode: 185297

To ensure a quorum, please RSVP to [email protected] 




n ACTION:  Receive and file




   V.      CONSENT CALENDAR – action items noted, remainder are receive & file – 12:05 pm

A.  Steering Committee – April 12, 2021 meeting minutes attached 

n   ACTION:  Approve


B.    SCAG Regional Early Action Program Memorandum of Understanding  

n   Attached

n   ACTION:  Recommend board approval  


C.    JP Marketing No Cost Contract Extension for Website Redesign

n   Attached

n   ACTION:  Recommend board approval of time extension until August 31, 2021


D.    West Basin Municipal Water District Scope of Work for FY 21-22

n   Attached

n   ACTION:  Recommend board approval for FY 21-22 scope of work with compensation to the SBCCOG of $185,804


E.    City Attendance at SBCCOG meetings 

n   Matrix attached


F.     South Bay Environmental Services Center Activities Report – attached



G.    Continued Audit Discussion with Joseph Lillio, SBCCOG Treasurer & El Segundo Finance Director – – 12:10 pm


H.    Appointments to Outside Agencies – 12:25 pm

n  Concerning the SCAG Policy Committee appointment, the two nominees were Christian Horvath and Frank Zerunyan.  Christian has withdrawn his name and is pursuing a SCAG Presidential appointment.

n  Interviews were held for the Metro Service Council nominees – May and April memos attached

n ACTION:  Recommend that the Board of Directors:

o   Reappoint Frank Zerunyan to serve on a SCAG Policy Committee (CEHD) as the SBCCOG representative 

o   Approve the Interview Panel’s recommendation for the 3 seats on the Metro Service Council – Don Szerlip, Rochelle Mackabee and Richard Montgomery


I.      COVID-19 – Office Operations & Reopening – 12:35 pm

n    Memo attached

n    Update on telework workshop for cities

n    ACTION:  Provide direction


J.     Legislative Issues – 12:45 pm 

n    Legislative Matrix attached

n    Housing legislative visits – status of meetings attached

n    CALE meeting update

n    ACTION:  Approve recommended positions on legislation to the Board


K.    Board Meeting agenda development – 12:55 pm

n  May – draft agenda attached

n  Budget/nominations, LTN follow-up, West Harbor Presentation, work program

n  June – election of officers/budget adoption, Gipson re: police reform issues???

n  August – Stephanie Wiggins, Metro CEO

n  What to do about the SPA 8 rather lengthy presentation every month??


L.      21-22 Draft Budget – 1:00 pm

n  Draft budget and narrative attached

n  ACTION:  Discuss and provide direction


M.   Approval of Invoices – available at the meeting – 1:15 pm

n   ACTION:   Approve invoices for payment



N.    South Bay Fiber Network – 1:30 pm

n  LA County Proposed Broadband Consortium

n  Next meeting of the working group – May 17 – Selwyn Hollins, Director, LA County Internal 

          Services Department to talk about their Deleting the Digital Divide Initiative 


O.    LTN Report submitted – next steps under discussion – 1:40 pm


P.    Homeless update – 1:45 pm

n  Funding for January 2022-June 2023

o   Draft proposal for $15 million for COGs; going before Board of Supervisors on July 6, 2021

o   SBCCOG could receive $1.905 million for projects (based on percentage – 12.7% – from 2020 Homeless Count)

o   Money can be spent on the following:

                                               i.     Priority Area 1: Increasing the supply of permanent and interim housing for people experiencing homelessness

                                              ii.     Priority Area 2: Enhancing County service systems for those experiencing and/or at-risk of homelessness

o   Proposed timeline 

                                               i.     Call for Projects issued in Summer 2021

                                              ii.     Draft Statement of Work due 9/20/2021

                                             iii.     Finalized SOW due 10/29/2021

                                            iv.     Contracts executed 12/17/2021

                                             v.     Projects scheduled to begin 1/1/2022  


Q.    Senior Services update – 1:50 pm

n  Next meeting on May 25, 2021



n   Other updates since agenda distribution – 1:55 pm        



  NEXT STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING – Monday, June 14, 2021 @ 12:00 pm via zoom???


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