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Steering Committee Meeting

June 14, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Steering Committee is scheduled to meet Monday, June 14th, 2021 via Zoom. 


To address the SBCCOG Steering Committee on any agenda item or a matter within the Steering Committee’s purview, please provide written comments by 11:00am,  June 14, 2021 via email to [email protected].  All written comments submitted will become part of the official record.  Unless otherwise noted in the Agenda, the Public can only provide written comment on SBCCOG related business that is within the jurisdiction of the SBCCOG and/or items listed on the Agenda which will be addressed during the Public Comment portion of the meeting (Item #IV).    



Receive Zoom meeting credentials in advance of the meeting by using the below link:




To access the Zoom meeting, visit https://zoom.us/join or call (669) 900-9833 and use Meeting ID: 946 3244 4212; Passcode: 185297

To ensure a quorum, please RSVP to [email protected] 







nACTION:  Receive and file





V.      CONSENT CALENDAR – action items noted, remainder are receive & file12:05 pm

A.  Steering Committee – May 10, 2021 meeting minutes attached

n  ACTION:  Approve


B.    South Bay Fiber Network Work Order #4

n Memo attached

n ACTION:  Recommend Board approval of SBFN Work Order #4 – for three additional sites – at the Regional Communications Center and in the City of Lomita at the Cypress Street Water Plan and at Lomita Park – with capital costs estimated at $278,794.70


C.    Contract with Local Government Commission for CivicSpark Fellow

n  Contract attached

n  ACTION:  Recommend Board approval


D.    Contract Renewal with Stephen Lantz for Transportation Services

n  Contract attached

n  Due to reorganizing staff responsibilities and reduced Measure R work, this contract has been reduced by $28,212/year from the previous 3 year contract

n  ACTION:  Recommend Board approve a 3 year extension for $84,000/year




E.    Contract Renewal with Siembab Corporation for Professional Services

n  Contract attached

n  Please note that all compensation provided in this contract will be funded through grants received. 

n  ACTION:  Recommend Board approve a 3 year extension for work on Local Travel Network, South Bay Fiber Network and SCAG funded Regional Early Action Program


F.     Contract Extension for Magellan Advisors for work on the SBFN

n  Preparation of the coming year’s scope of work is proceeding with a proposal from Magellan due this month.  Therefore, the contract extension will be on next month’s agenda requiring staff to request compensation for Magellan for the month of July not to exceed $6000.

n  ACTION:  Recommend Board approval of a contract extension for Magellan Advisors in an amount not to exceed $6000 for the period of July 1 to July 31, 2021


G.    Contract Extension with McGowan Consulting, LLC for website services

n  Contract attached

n  ACTION:  Recommend Board approval


H.    South Bay Strategic Projects List for Metro Short Range Transportation Plan

n  Memo and list of projects attached

n  ACTION:  Recommend the Board accept and transmit the list of projects to Metro


I.      Follow-up from Last Meeting

nBank Reconciliation

o SBCCOG Treasurer Joseph Lillio expressed concern that there was only one person reviewing the bank reconciliation statement.  Since that meeting, David Leger has been assigned the responsibility to review it for a ‘second set of eyes’.

n  General Assembly 2022

oThe City of Carson has reserved March 17, 2022 and will waive the fees by being a co-sponsor


J.     City Attendance at SBCCOG meetingsattached


K.    South Bay Environmental Services Center Activities Report – attached


L.     Transportation Update Report – attached



M.   Composition of the Steering Committee – 12:10 pm

n  Memo attached

n  ACTION:   Provide direction


N.    Coyote Request from Torrance – 12:15 pm

n  Memo, Letter from Torrance and city survey attached

n  ACTION:   Recommend Board decline adding this issue to the work program at this time


O.    Legislative Issues – 12:25 pm

n  Legislative Matrix attached – oppose AB 989

n  Housing legislative visits and LCC meeting update

n  LA County COGs General Assembly planning

n Without discussing this with any of us – although it’s a fine idea – the Las Virgenes-

    Malibu COG Executive Director reached out to the Governor’s office through a contact he has and wrote “Later this summer, the seven Council of Governments in Los Angeles County are planning to hold a general assembly for all of the city councilmembers from cities throughout the County. The purpose of the general assembly is to discuss current legislation, and other issues such as homelessness, the economy and affordable housing. At this time, we are planning for a virtual meeting but holding out hope for an in-person gathering, provided we can find the right venue that will allow for social distancing.”

n  ACTION:  Recommend that the Board oppose AB 989 & support all COG General Assembly


P.    SBCCOG GIS Services for Member Cities – 12:40 pm

n  Memo attached

n  ACTION:  Recommend Board approval for SBCCOG staff to offer GIS services to member agencies under purchase order agreements at a rate of $78 per hour with a maximum of 20 hours per year at no costs to member agencies.


Q.    Board Meeting agenda development – 12:50 pm

n  June – draft attached

n  Election of officers/budget adoption

n  The Hybrid Workplace of the Future – LA County HR confirmed

n  Hybrid capable?

n  July – Kamlager/Gipson re: police reform issues???

n  August – Stephanie Wiggins, Metro CEO or possible speaker on Pensions and City Liability 


R.    Hybrid Board meeting preparation – 1:05 pm

nSBCCOG staff has been coordinating with the SBCCOG I.T. Managed Services provider SHARP to assess equipment needs in order to set up the Boardroom at the office for videoconferencing.  SHARP has loaned and set up equipment in the Boardroom and staff will be testing it during this Steering Committee meeting. The equipment will be available through the entire month of June and if the Steering Committee testing goes well, it could also be used at the June 24 Board meeting. Staff is also reaching out to city I.T. staff to vet SHARP’s recommendations as well as compare pricing and related system considerations.  

nAgenda packets are now often over 100 pages with contracts and outside agency reports.  When in person or hybrid meetings resume, staff is planning to print only one hard copy of the agenda packet. The agenda will be shown on a screen but not the entire packet.

nACTION:  Assess the use of the system at their June 14 meetingand provide

   direction to staff. 

S.     2021-2022 Draft Budget – 1:15 pm

n  Draft budget and narrative attached

n  ACTION:  Provide any further comments or direction and recommend board approval


T.     Approval of Invoices – available at the meeting – 1:20 pm

nACTION:   Approve invoices for payment



U.    Work Program Adoption – 1:25 pm

nDrew Boyles has requested that instead of holding a special meeting on the work program as was

   discussed at the Board meeting, he would like to have a facilitated strategic planning session in   

   August with a facilitator who he woul provide at no cost. 


V.    SPA 8 Working Group – 1:30 pm

n  Draft Framework attached


W.   Update on Homeless Program and Innovation Project Funding – 1:35 pm

nDraft Call for Projects – attached

nHousing for Health/LA County Dept. of Health Services Mobile Vaccine Clinics – attached


X.    South Bay Fiber Network – 1:45 pm

nStaff is planning a special workshop on June 21 at which Magellan Advisors will provide

     information to our members on the federal and state funds being allocated to broadband services. 

     Directors from Economic Development, Public Works and Information Technology will all be

     invited as well as City Managers


Y.    Update on Senior Services – 1:50 pm

n Torrance Commission on Aging is following up on Torrance becoming an Age Friendly City



n  Other updates since agenda distribution – 1:55 pm       


NEXT STEERING COMMITTEE MEETINGMonday, July 12, 2021 @ 12:00 pm via zoom/hybrid???

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