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Steering Committee Meeting

September 13, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm



The Steering Committee is scheduled to meet Monday, September 13th, 2021. 

PUBLIC COMMENTS: To address the SBCCOG Steering Committee on any agenda item or a matter within the Steering Committee’s purview, please provide written comments by 11:00 am, September 13, 2021 via email to [email protected].  All written comments submitted will become part of the official record.   

ACCESSING THE MEETING: To receive Zoom meeting credentials in advance of the meeting, register by using the link below: https://scag.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArdOusqj8oG9aULyxK8prL-sf6ZCYt0rZ_

OR to access the Zoom meeting, https://zoom.us/join or call (669) 900-9833 and use Meeting ID: 946 3244 4212; Passcode: 185297






  • ACTION:  Receive and file






V.CONSENT CALENDAR – action items noted, remainder are receive & file – 12:05 pm

A.Steering Committee – August 9, 2021 meeting minutes attached

  • ACTION:  Approve


B.ICF Contract Extension and Additional Funds – attached 

  • Adds $10,000 and extends the contract through December 2021 
  • ACTION:  Recommend Board approval


C.Green Business Assist Contract with El Segundo – attached 


D.Dues and Assessment Received

  • Outstanding Dues and Assessments:  Carson, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Manhattan Beach, Rolling Hills Estates, LA County  
  • Partial assessment ($1000):  Rolling Hills
  • No assessment:  Lawndale 


E.City Attendance at SBCCOG meetings – attached 



F.Legislative Issues – 12:10 pm 

  • Legislative Committee report – purpose, goals and guidelines attached 
  • Legislative Matrix attached 
  • Note SB 679 is highlighted since it went from a 2 year bill to an active one.  Also new laws are highlighted.
  • ACTION:  Approve that the items listed above that are before the Legislative Committee no longer come before the Steering Committee but go straight to the Board and also recommend the board approve the purpose and goals for the Legislative Committee as well as the guidelines for taking legislative positions
  • Legislative Briefing – cities requested to provide areas of concern to discuss at the meeting
  • County Supervisorial Redistricting – next round of public hearings are in November
  • OCCOG lawsuit – SCAG is filing to oppose the suit (Exec. Comm 6 -5 vote) – Nothing else until October hearing


G.Fee for Use of Meeting Rooms at SBCCOG Office – 12:20 pm


H.Videoconferencing Equipment for SBCCOG Office’s Board Room – 12:25 pm


I.Special Event – November 10 – 12:30 pm


J.General Assembly Planning – March 17, 2022 – 12:40 pm

  • Memo re: logistics and potential topics – attached 
  • Idea – Photo contest – Why I Love the South Bay (when website is done) – with General Assembly promotion.  Announce winner at General Assembly
  • Sponsorships
  • ACTION:  Provide direction on topics and sponsorships, approve photo contest


K.Board Meeting agenda development – 12:55 pm

  • September – draft attached 
  • Possible speakers:
  • LA County Redistricting Commission speaker
  • Beach Cities CAER – suggested by Valentine
  • Beach Cities CAER is a non-profit public benefit organization focused on providing improved community engagement, emergency response education, and enhancing public health and safety. It is a team of public agencies, city emergency management professionals, fire departments, schools, manufacturing industries, chemical producers and transporters in the South Bay region. Their goal is continuous improvement in the areas of community awareness, emergency preparedness and coordinated public agency and industry response programs.
  • Others:  Chief Deputy for DA; Stephanie Wiggins, Metro CEO or possible speaker on Pensions and City Liability,  2028 Olympics committee update
  • October 
  • West Basin Municipal Water District – Drought Issues – E.J. Caldwell – 15 minutes
  • Opportunities from SBFN – RFP discussion and Alex Pinto


L.Strategic Planning Process – 1:00 pm


M.Newsletter Printing, Layout and Design – 1:10 pm

  • Bids from contractors to be presented at the meeting 
  • ACTION:  Recommend Board approval


N.Approval of Invoices – available at the meeting – 1:15 pm

  • ACTION:   Approve invoices for payment



O.Update on Homeless Program and Innovation Project Funding – 1:20 pm 

  • Call for Projects were received. 
  • $3,425,000 in total city proposal submissions (not counting any SBCCOG proposals) with a funding allocation of $1,905,000. 
  • Schedule for approval

 8/11-9/30/21    Evaluation and selection process

10/11/21           Recommendations of projects presented to SBCCOG Steering Committee for approval

10/28/21            Board approval

11/1//21             Notification results

11/15/21            Draft Statement of Work due to CEO-HI

11/25/21            Finalized Statement of Work due to CEO-HI

12/13/21            Steering Committee

12/17/21???      Contracts executed

1/1/22                 Projects begin

Update on revised Client Aid process 

Fund Transfer – staff is working with the County to move some of the unused Client Aid funds  to pay for part of the Torrance Interim Housing  


P.South Bay Fiber Network – 1:30 pm

  • Update on expansion of the network


Q.SCAG Regional Early Action Program funds to accelerate housing – 1:35 pm

  • Update at the meeting


R.Senior Services – 1:40 pm

  • Next meeting is Tuesday, September 28 @ 9:30 am


S.South Bay Environmental Services Center Activities Report – attached – 1:45 pm 



  • Other updates since agenda distribution – 1:50 pm


NEXT STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING – Monday, October 11, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – SBCCOG offices unless emergency order remains

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