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Steering Committee Meeting

April 8 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Steering Committee is scheduled to meet Monday, April 8th, 2024  at 12 noon BOTH via Zoom and in person at the SBCCOG Office located at 2355 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 125, Torrance, CA 90501.

We are asking in-person attendees to bring your laptop, tablet or a printed copy of the agenda as we will only have two courtesy copies available.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: Unless otherwise noted in the Agenda, the Public can only comment on SBCCOG related business that is within the jurisdiction of cities and/or items listed on the Agenda during the Public Comment portion of the meeting.   The time limit for oral comments is three (3) minutes per person.  When called on, please state:  Your name and residence and the organization you represent, if appropriate. Written comments are also accepted by 11:00 am the day of the meeting via e-mail to [email protected]  Both written and oral comments will be part of the official record.

SBCCOG Board Members: Pursuant to the end of the State’s COVID-19 emergency declaration, your attendance is required to be in-person or follow the provisions of AB 2449. If you need to attend virtually and want to vote, please complete the following SBCCOG AB 2449 Form ASAP: https://forms.office.com/r/47wQggsvf9

ACCESSING THE MEETING: For the public and guests, receive Zoom meeting credentials in advance by using the below link to RSVP: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcsce6orD0pGda5p_4pKbh3J1EqKDlJgaSY  OR visit https://zoom.us/join or dial (669) 444-9171 using Zoom ID: 831 6702 6332; Passcode: 505171 


I. CONFIRM THE QUORUM – 12:00 noon

 ACTION: Receive and file



V. CONSENT CALENDAR – action items noted, remainder are receive & file – 12:10 pm
A. Steering Committee March 11, 2024 meeting minutes attached 
 ACTION: Approve

B. City Attendance at SBCCOG Meetings – attached – Receive and file 

C. Media Reports – attached – Receive and file 

D. Appointments to League of Calif. Cities Regional Director & Metro South Bay Service Council – 12:15 pm
 Memos attached with statements and bios 
 Candidates have been invited to give 3-minute presentations re: why they want to serve. It is recommended that you do each office separately for the presentations and then ask the candidates to leave and have discussion and select a recommendation to the Board
 ACTION: Recommend to the Board 1 applicant for LCC Regional Director and 3 applicants for the Metro South Bay Service Council

E. 2024-2025 Dues – 12:40 pm
 Memo attached
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval of the new dues allocations for Fiscal Year 2024-2025.

F. General Assembly Evaluation – 12:45 pm
 Staff will make a presentation and provide overview of evaluations
 ACTION: Provide direction re: future forums

G. Homeless Services report – 12:50 pm
 Client Aid Recap Report – attached 
 Revised – New case management contract titled “Street to Housing Program” with LA County; standard county contract still being drafted but will be largely the same as previous contract language – scope of work attached; prior contract example language available here: https://cdn.southbaycities.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/01202550/Item-VI.F.-LA-County-Homeless-Services-Contract.pdf 
 Revised Draft MOU for Street to Housing for Non-profit/City providers – attached 
 Revised Providers & Time Limited Subsidy MOU – attached
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval of “Street to Housing Program” Contract with LA County; Draft MOUs for providers, and Time Limited Subsidy MOU subject to legal review of all 4 documents

H. Legislation – 1:05 pm
 April 11 Legislative Briefing – please plan to attend
 Revised Matrix attached 
 AB 1992 re-added per Steering Committee direction to maintain prior position (was supported in same format last session); AB 1778 change from “support” to “monitor” as bill only applies to Marin County after recent amendments
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval of the following bill positions:
o SUPPORT: AB 2564, SB 915, SB 955; SB 1461
o OPPOSE: SB 937, SB 1164

I. Measure M Funding Agreement Amendment with Metro for LTN Planning – 1:10 pm
 Scope of work under review by Metro for funding agreement amendment; Additional funding ($393,800) already approved in September 2023
 Proposed scope of work attached 
 ACTION: Recommend Board approval subject to legal review of final amendment language

J. Approval of Invoices – to be sent separately – 1:15 pm
 ACTION: Approve invoices for payment

K. Local Travel Network – 1:20 pm
 Update re: meetings with cities
 Update on marketing meetings and activities

L. Infrastructure Issues – 1:25 pm
 Signal Pole Inventory & Storage issue – which cities needed to answer survey
 SS4A Safety Grant
M. South Bay Fiber Network – 1:30 pm
 Update on LATA grant
 SBFN renewals and expansion

N. Update on South Bay Environmental Services Center Activities – attached – 1:35 pm

O. Update on Senior Services – 1:40 pm
 Report on March 26 meeting

P. Board Meeting Agenda Development – 1:45 pm
 April 2024 – draft agenda attached 
 1st Quarter Progress Report on Energy Recognition Program
 General Assembly Evaluation
 Vote on dues with CPI
 May 2024
 President Parham of CSUDH – confirmed
 Metro 24-25 budget presentation
 SBCCOG draft budget presentation
 June 2024
 Election of Officers
 SBCCOG Budget adoption
 July 2024
 August 2024
 Mayor Karen Bass, City of Los Angeles – tentative
 Other Possibilities
 Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara – invited 3/2/24, reminder 3/29
 Jose Solache, Lynwood Councilmember, AQMD representative for South Bay
 John Mirisch, Beverly Hills Councilmember, Los Angeles County Housing Solutions Agency (LACAHSA) representative for South Bay
 Rob Katherman, Water Replenishment District re: Water Quality
 Terry Tamminen, Alta Sea
 Special meeting possibilities
 Day at the County with Metro Art Tour
 Workshop on Inflation Reduction Act & how cities can take advantage of the funding available
 Harbor Tour
 Tour of A.K. Warren Wastewater Resource Facility @ Sanitation Districts request

Q. Items for referral to future Steering Committee meeting – 1:50 pm


IX. NEXT STEERING COMMITTEE – Monday, May 13, 2024 @ 12:00 noon – SBCCOG office

X. ADJOURNMENT – 2:00 pm


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