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If using a chemical pesticide does become necessary, make sure to follow the best practices below to protect human health and the environment.

• Get to know the ingredients in commonly used pesticides and understand their impact on our environment.

• Download this fact sheet on effective pesticide use and disposal.

• Identify the pest(s) causing the problem and choose the least toxic pesticide available for managing the problem.

• Make sure you choose a USEPA registered product and apply it only as directed. Consult this safe and effective use of pesticides in the home and landscape guide for more information.

• Check the weather forecast in your area and do not apply pesticides outdoors the day before irrigation is programmed to occur or if rain is in the forecast.

• Use spot treatment to target pesticides where needed vs. spraying large areas.

• Rinse empty pesticide containers and re-use rinse water as you would use the product. Do not allow rinse water to runoff your property into storm drains.

• Take unused or partially used pesticide containers to a County of Los Angeles S.A.F.E. Collection Center to be recycled or attend a local Household Hazardous Waste drop off event. Check the South Bay Environmental Services Center Events Page for more information on local events.