A Local Travel Network for the South Bay: It’s Time to “Right-Size Your Ride”

Did you know?

  • 70% of vehicle trips are 3 miles or less and 88% are 10 miles are less in the South Bay?
  • The region’s residents annually pay more than $1.5 billion collectively for gasoline and $9,000 individually on auto expenses. 

The South Bay Cities Council of Governments has completed a plan for a proposed Local Travel Network, a safe network of routes to accommodate a growing market of personal zero-emission slow-speed vehicles. 

The plan, funded by a Caltrans sustainability grant, examines the feasibility of more widespread adoption of a transportation concept known as micromobility, which refers to a range of lightweight vehicles operating at speeds below 25 mph. These include neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), which appear similar to golf carts, e-scooters, e-bikes, electric skateboards and other personal transportation devices. 

Learn more about our proposed Local Travel Network by visiting our StoryMap, which an be accessed below or here. Additionally, please complete this survey to tell us a little bit about yourself, your thoughts about the Local Travel Network, and if you’d like to be put on our email list for future updates on the implementation of the network.

To read the “Route Refinement Study for a South Bay Local Travel Network,” click here.

To read the Study’s “Executive Summary,” click here.

To read the Local Travel Network “Vision Statement,” click here

Watch a quick overview of micromobility devices:

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