On January 16, the City of El Segundo, Metro, and the SBCCOG celebrated the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a Measure R Project on Maple Avenue!

The event was held at 2:00pm on Lairport Street at Maple Avenue in El Segundo, and remarks from the Mayor of El Segundo, Metro, and SBCCOG Officers were given. Classic vehicles from EL Segundo Mayor Pro Tem Carl Jacobson’s Automobile Driving Museum were available to drive those in attendance on the new stretch of Maple Avenue.

This $2.5 million construction project was fully funded by the Measure R South Bay Highway Program, administered by Metro and the SBCCOG. The project improves access to the I-105 freeways from Sepulveda Boulevard, and relieves congestion at the intersection of Sepulveda and Imperial for commuters and residents. A Significant amount of roadway restoration work was carried out to provide adequate travel facilities while ensuring the safety of pedestrians and local business employees.

A PowerPoint presentation of the benefits of this project can be found below.