Recruitment For A Special Vacancy On The City Of Rancho Palos Verdes Traffic Safety Committee

The five member Traffic Safety Committee serves as a public forum for traffic related issues including placement of traffic control devices, consideration of traffic calming solutions, safety-related tools and posted speed limits. The 2016-2017 work plan for the Traffic Safety Committee includes providing civic engagement opportunities to discuss school safety [...]

2021-07-21T12:10:16-07:00April 2, 2018|

Coyote Management – A Regional Approach

In early January the South Bay Cities Council of governments (SBCCOG) hosted a Coyote Management Task Force to discuss a regional approach to the coyote issues that almost all South Bay cities are experiencing.   Representatives from 10 cities and about 50 people attended the meeting for the full agenda [...]

2021-07-21T12:34:14-07:00January 17, 2017|
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