A Safer South Bay – Alert SouthBay Messaging System Streamlines Emergency Notifications for Subregion

On February 18, 2015, two workers suffered minor injuries and debris was dispersed into the surrounding community following an explosion in the gasoline processing unit at the ExxonMobil Refinery in Torrance. The incident brought to light the need to change the way communication is coordinated during community disasters. “There were [...]

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SBCCOG General Assembly – Speakers Call “Intentionality” Key to Community of Innovation

Every city needs a vice president of innovation who shepherds partnerships with other businesses and public sector agencies, according to Skyler Logsdon. Logsdon is co-founder and CEO of Boomerang, a technology platform that connects people with their lost items. He says such a liaison could help him cultivate partnerships with [...]

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“Right-Sizing Your Ride” – Micromobility Lane Networks Are Appropriate Local Step Toward Global Environmental Change

By Drew Boyles, Mayor of El Segundo and SBCCOG Board of Director Chair December 13, 2021, in his Los Angeles Times op-ed “L.A. can no longer afford to push bikes and buses aside,” Michael Schneider accurately describes the challenges Los Angeles and other cities have faced in fully embracing electric [...]

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The Path to Permanent Housing – Hawthorne Uses Federal Emergency Housing Vouchers to Help Homeless Residents

Dulce Medina, Hawthorne homeless services coordinator (right), client/tenant (left) and property owner (center) discuss a home being rented through before the EHV program. In late January 2022 Hawthorne Homeless Services Coordinator Dulce Medina met her client at the front door of a modest, well-kept cottage, and welcomed him [...]

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Making Every Day Earth Day – CivicSpark Fellows Help Advance South Bay Environmental Programs

CivicSpark, a program of the Local Government Commission, is dedicated to assisting local public agencies in addressing issues such as climate change. Each year, CivicSpark recruits Fellows to augment public agency staff for 11 months. During their service year, the Fellows implement a needed sustainability and resilience project for a [...]

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Urban Nature Zone: Foresight Leads to Preservation of Torrance Gem for Wildlife to Thrive and People to Enjoy

Written by Tracy Drake, Park Services Manager, City of Torrance The Madrona Marsh Preserve is thought to be the last remaining freshwater marsh in Los Angeles County. It is one of the city of Torrance’s finest achievements in the context Madrona Marsh Preserve serves as inspiration for many local [...]

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Going Renewable: As California Sets Ambitious Clean Energy Goals, Its Largest Community Energy Provider Keeps Pace to Ensure Grid’s Resiliency

By Ted Bardacke, Executive Director, Clean Power Alliance  Clean Power Alliance (CPA) is the fifth largest electricity provider in California and the single largest provider of 100% renewable energy to customers in the nation. We take our responsibility to reliably integrate renewable energy into the grid very seriously, as we [...]

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A Roadmap for the Future: What is GIS and What it Can Do for South Bay Cities

Geographic information systems, known as GIS, are a way to organize, analyze and display any data that has a location. For a city, that data can be anything from the demographics of the people living around a park, to a full schematic of the city’s water system, according to Barry [...]

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THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION: Enhanced Fiber Speed Capability to Improve Traffic Flow and Safety in Manhattan Beach

A map that shows the South Bay Fiber Network and Manhattan Beach Fiber Network, which would facilitate the Manhattan Beach Advanced Traffic System (MBATS). The city of Manhattan Beach is in the design phase of its proposed Manhattan Beach Advanced Traffic System (MBATS) project that will enhance commute [...]

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SHARING IS CARING: Three Tips for Preparing a Home to Share with a Tenant

The South Bay Cities Council of Governments’ (SBCCOG) Home Share South Bay pilot program launched in October 2020. The program matches home providers who have extra space in their homes with people looking for more affordable housing opportunities in the South Bay. Home seekers may include those on the verge of [...]

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