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Provide a leadership forum for South Bay local governments to act collaboratively and advocate for regional issues with a focus on improving transportation and the environment, and strengthening economic development.


The South Bay region is environmentally sustainable and resilient, with improved mobility options and a healthy economy, due to the local government collaborations and advocacy facilitated and supported by SBCCOG.

Guiding Principles 

The SBCCOG shall:

  • Promote cooperation among member agencies in the discussion of issues of mutual interest.
  • Act collaboratively on programs or activities that can be better accomplished collectively than by any one jurisdiction.
  • Acknowledge each jurisdiction’s independence while advocating for the South Bay with one voice.
  • Support member proposals that further the mission, vision and goals of SBCCOG.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities that transcend jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Seek solutions to issues of common concern without duplicating or harming other agencies’ efforts.
  • Represent the interests of the South Bay with other governing bodies and organizations.
  • Seek resources from county, regional, state, and federal agencies that will benefit the South Bay.

Strategic Plan

The South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) is a joint powers authority comprised of sixteen cities and the County of Los Angeles. It embarked upon a strategic planning process in the third quarter of 2013 and completed it in early 2014. The process included three focus groups, an online questionnaire to members, and a strategic planning workshop. The strategic plan that resulted contains goals and strategies that were identified as important to achieving the organization’s mission and vision.