Sustainable South Bay Strategy

Control over land use is one of the most important responsibilities of local governments. The SBCCOG has used funding obtained from regional agencies such as SCAG to study how our subregion is formed, what are unique and not so unique characteristics are, and suggest possible land use strategies to promote communities and improve the quality of life. The studies have assessed the needs of the South Bay in terms of our infrastructure to support certain land use, the economics of our area and how we address smart growth concepts without a robust transit system. The summary and policy document for what we have learned is the South Bay Sustainable Strategy.


Local authority over housing development is required in order to address the complex interaction between low carbon mobility and new housing. Local jurisdictions where public transit does not perform well should have the flexibility to choose development options that “better fit” their context than Transit Oriented Housing as a component of mixed-use Transit-Oriented Development. One statewide strategy does not fit all. For more information on the matter, please read the white papers below: