Green Building Challenge

The South Bay Cities Green Building Challenge program is designed to help businesses reduce energy, water, and waste - while improving quality of life and making our community more attractive to work, live, and play. As an employee, you can help your company earn points by taking action at home by completing several activities. Here are some ways you can help us earn points:

  • Install aerators and/or a low flow showerhead to save water and energy. SoCalGas customers can get a free Energy Savings Starter Kit here
  • When replacing electronics or appliances at home, select products with the ENERGY STAR label to save energy.
  • Sign up for paperless billing through Southern California Edison and/or Southern California Gas Company to reduce paper use at the source.
  • Get educated on sustainability in the workplace.
  • Create and/or join the "Green Team".
  • Review ways to save energy at home.
  • Limit outdoor water use. 
  • Join a rideshare program.
  • Participate in City-led climate action or sustainability planning efforts. 

Once you have completed one of the activities above, please notify your Challenge Administrator with the date of completion and activity completed, so that your company can get credit in the Challenge.

Click map below for detailed view of participants' geographical distribution:

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