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Here is a little guidance to help you find an NEV... 

 Important Information that you need to know about
Neighborhood Electric Vehicles






NEV Legal Requirements:

  • NEV definitions, rules and regulations are covered in the California Vehicle Code (CVC) Sections 385.5, 21250 and 2160.

  • NEVs cannot be operated on roads that exceed 35 miles per hour.

  • They are not allowed in standard bike lanes less than 7 feet wide.

  • NEVs can cross roads that exceed 35 miles per hour if the crossing begins and ends on a 35 per mile or less road and if the two roads meet at approximately a 90 degree angle.

  • NEVs must be registered and licensed with the Department of Motor Vehicles and can only be operated by licensed drivers.

  • NEVs must be insured.

NEV Cautions:

  • NEVs are very quiet so most pedestrians or cyclists will not be able to hear the vehicle until it is close by.

  • Some NEVs do not have reverse lights so the driver should pay attention when backing up.

  • When traveling on 35 mile per hour roads, drivers should be aware of faster moving vehicles and pull over to let them pass.


Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) details:

  • Is a Federally recognized sub-class of low speed vehicle limited to a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. A NEV is also 4-wheeled and electric.
  • Has a range of around 30 miles between charges.

  • Federal regulations require NEVs to have license plates, seat belts, headlights, blinkers, wipers, and other safety features.

  • Can be charged via any 110V outlet (most normal outlets).



  • Yahoo NEV group:  An on-line community for NEV users. Includes a comprehensive set of links and resources. Register for free and gain access to a wealth of information.  

  • EV Trader:  A site dedicated on on-line electric vehicle forums

  • NEV Portal:  Website lists dealers, manufacturers, accessories and parts for NEVs.

  • Lincoln Neighborhood Vehicle Website:  A site dedicated to providing information to NEV users in Lincoln California. Contains useful information for NEV users in general.